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Tunetooekwu, v. - to tell a story


Hi, Nu Locke e nanea - I’m Locke. I use natumanaganapu natumanaganano (film and photography) to capture the real moments of life in an authentic medium. That’s a snobby Paiute way of saying I take pictures of your happy times. I love storytelling and have been an avid teller of natunetooena (stories) since I was a youngster. I have nearly 15 years of experience in film and photography yet somehow still feel new to it! Share your story with me and I’ll do the same. Let’s go on an escapade together and capture those memories into a still or moving image.


Natumanagana (Portrait Photographs) - Starts at $749

Natumanaganapu (Portrait Films) - Starts at $499


Wanna take some pics? Send a physical letter to the mailing address below with your story*…. Yes, I’m serious.

Mailing Address:

Locke Holland Knight

6026 Golden Triangle Way, Unit 3050

Sparks, NV 89436

*Be sure to include your email, phone number, and social media handle (if you have one). Without this I cannot accept you as a client.

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